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Flower Spirit Natural Beauty

Jade Gua Sha and Roller Combo

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The ancient art of Gua Sha has been practiced for centuries in the Eastern world. Traditionally, it involved pulling a small, hard object across the face to release tension in the muscles. 

This Gua Sha and Roller Duo from Eltraderm are made with high-quality Xiuyan Jade which delivers a natural cooling effect to promote healthy-looking skin. These facial tools provide a natural way to promote circulation to the skin, encourage lymphatic drainage, relieve facial tension, and enhance skin radiance. 

 How to use:

  1. Cleanse your face, apply Eltraderm Native Collagen, Flower Spirit Natural Beauty serum, and face oils
  2. Perform a facial massage with the Jade roller or Gua Sha tool. Avoid use on inflamed skin, fragile skin, sensitized skin, or open wounds.

Tip: Gua Sha or roller Jade stones are a great massage tool to use after home Dermaroller treatment. La jade Gua Sha and roller promote Lymphatic drainage and improve product penetration. We recommend using Eltrderm Native Collagen and our Botanical Hyaluronic Serum before the massage.

Note: Any shape of Gua Sha stone can be used the same way for the massage. 

Take a look at our video on how to perform a facial massage with a Gua Sha tool.