We are excited to introduce ELTRADERM to FSNB's collection of products!

Made in Canada and founded on European technological advancements, award winner of the 2020 SKIN CARE INNOVATION.  Eltraderm skincare products are built on the love of improving and nourishing the skin, focusing on the most important piece of the skin care puzzle, COLLAGEN.

Eltraderm formulations are driven by passion and rooted in science to deliver optimal skin health solutions. 

The fundamental science behind Eltraderm CLINICAL Skin Care lies in its soluble native collagen, hyaluronic acid, and hydrating actives which encourage sustainable nourishment and skin recovery to improve the skin’s resilience and appearance. Increasing the skin’s deep hydration levels improve the skin’s surface moisture levels to transform dehydrated, imbalanced, or damaged skin into healthy, supple, beautiful-looking skin.

We are committed to nourishing and building the skin with solutions that lead to healthier skin, whether for everyday use or post-procedure care. Skin treated with the Eltraderm Soluble Native Collagen undergoes an improvement in skin hydration, moisture-retention, resilience, skin density, texture, and clarity.

"Healthy skin is beautiful skin!”