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From The Soul Natural Perfume Oil Sweet Patchouli

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 It’s difficult to fully embody the complexity of this aroma using words. This fresh and earthy scent is sweet but finishes with a strong Patchouli note. Patchouli was made famous by the “hippy” generation of the 1960s and 70s but the popularity of this exotic scent dates back thousands of years.

If you are a Patchouli lover you will be trapped in this sweet and sophisticated combination with notes of Orange and Ylang Ylang. You won't be disappointed!!

1/3 Oz. 10 ml.  Roll on dark glass bottle packed in a velvet bag to keep the bottle away from light.

It is important to consider the therapeutic effects and safety precautions of Essential Oil blends. Avoid using From The Soul Natural Perfume Oils if you have a medical condition such as Cancer, Epilepsy or High Blood pressure. Some of our blends contain Jasmine Essential Oil and should be avoided during pregnancy. 

For external use only. Always perform a patch test before using any natural product.